El Tiempo Cantina FAQs

Your most frequently asked questions about El Tiempo’s flavorful history, delicious family
recipes, restaurants and locations answered.
Still have questions? Contact us​ for more information.

Can you share your recipes for my El Tiempo Cantina menu favorites?

We are so excited that you love our food and can’t get enough of it! Our menu items​ are
traditional Laurenzo family recipes passed through generations and perfected over the years.
We cannot publish this proprietary information. But, you can always enjoy El Tiempo food items
from the comfort of your home with our curbside and delivery options​.

I have food allergies, can I still eat at your restaurant?

At El Tiempo, we strive to serve our customers in every way possible. This includes
accommodating dietary restrictions and food allergies. We equip our servers with the
information they need to help you choose menu options best suited for you. Our menu​ also
includes gluten-free and vegan dishes.

Can I find the nutritional information for your dishes?

While we do not publish nutritional value, we will work to get you the meal you want within your
dietary requirements and restrictions. Our staff is trained to answer questions you may have
about the meal options​ you select from our menu.

Do you cater for events and house parties?

Yes! We offer catering, bar, and beverage services​ accompanied by your choice of menu
options customized for your event. We also have signature or themed beverage options for your

I love El Tiempo Cantina, can I get a gift card for my friends and family?

We started as a family-owned restaurant​ and continue to keep that culture going today. We
love to grow our family as you bring in those closest to you to try out our family recipes. You can
download gift cards online or get a physical card printed and mailed to you. Look out for special
offers and get discounted El Tiempo gift cards​ for your friends and family!

Where are you located?

We have multiple El Tiempo Cantina locations​ in Texas including our original location on
Richmond​ as well as our Westheimer​, Vintage Park​, Gessner​, Montrose​, Washington​ and
Webster​ locations. Come join us and try our delicious menu and happy hour options. We are
looking forward to serving you.